Eco-Industrial Products


Coco coir twines are woven into Geo-Textile nets to protect steep mountain slopes, road slopes and river banks against soil erosion. It can also provide channel and shoreline stabilization. With its main characteristics of having a high tensile strength, biodegradable, and resistant to bacterial attack, it can withstand water and other forces of erosion.

Some of its advantages to traditional methods include:

1. Low material and maintenance costs

2. Low maintenance of live plants

3. Improvement to wildlife habitat and water quality

4. Root system improves structural stability

5. Minimal installation equipment


Coco logs are compressed coco coir used for the protection and rehabilitation of riverbanks, shorelines, mangrove, and desert areas. It can be filled with Coco Peat and can be used as a planting medium to induce vegetation in areas not conducive to propagation of plants.

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