Horticultural and Garden Products


Coco peat is also known as coco coir, pith, or coir dust. Some of its characteristics is its ability to hold water 8 times its volume, an organic renewable resource that can be used extensively for horticulture purposes.

Coco-peats are excellent for soil conditioning, soil mulching, seedling and mushroom generation, hydrponics farming, and as component of organic fertilizer.

The coco-peat is a vital component of an advanced hydroponics system. The roots are seen to develop better with coco-peat.


Our Coco Fiber planter liners are made of 100% natural coconut husks and very environment friendly and naturally resistant to bacteria, fungi, and insects. Provides optimum drainage and aeration to prevent root rot and its consistent thickness prevents soil pass through.

Its rich natural color adds aesthetic value to your plants and highly durable and re-usable even after years of use.

2 thoughts on “Horticultural and Garden Products

  1. can we have a plant visit in your corporation this coming Monday or Tuesday?
    we are 11 BS Electronics Engineering students from Laguna State Polytechnic University.. our Recommendation Letter from the school will be to follow..

    Thank you for your immediate response. 🙂

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